My name is Steven Leconte born in Montreal currently living and growing in Ottawa.

I’m a creative genius and I create and build around dreams, passions and solvable issues. Most of the time I get paid very well for my ideas and my contribution to the world.

I can’t be put in a box and fully use all the skills that I have acquired over my professional career and life.

  • I speak publicly
  • I create websites
  • I own websites
  • I purchase real estate
  • I own businesses
  • I transfer knowledge
  • I write books
  • I market businesses
  • I shoot product demo videos
  • I’m social on all platforms
  • I strategize freely
  • I network naturally
  • I question immensely
  • I provide amazing value
  • Je parle français
  • I teach all I know
  • I charge more than most
  • I donate my heart out

Contact me at 613-858-6574 or info@stevenleconte.com if you would like to discuss potential opportunities. If you are only here to read the blog click here.